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SEIOC: Seminar for Internationalization of Curriculum: Education, Interculturality and Global Citizenship

Universidade do Vale do Itajaí (UNIVALI) will host the SeIoC - Seminário de Internacionalização do Currículo: Educação, Interculturalidade e Cidadania Global – Seminar for Internationalization of Curriculum: Education, Interculturality and Global Citizenship, on November 12 and 13, 2015, at its Balneário Camboriú campus. The aim of the event is to present and discuss the concept and approaches to curricular internationalization, and to disseminate and learn from experiences and practices of internationalization of the curriculum and courses.

With the confirmed participation of Valerie Clifford (Oxford Brookes University/UK), Vanessa Andreotti (British Columbia University/Canada), and Rosa Sequeira (Universidade Aberta de Lisboa/Portugal), among others, the SEIOC program of events will include lectures, round tables, workshops, and communications in Portuguese and/or English.

The Organizing Committee of the Event is pleased to invite the community of professors, researchers and students to take part and submit works on the following themes:

  •     courses administered in a foreign language;
  •     courses in Portuguese as a foreign language;
  •     multicultural groups;
  •     profiles of teachers and students;
  •     interaction with internationalized community and markets;
  •     intercultural competence;
  •     double diploma programs;
  •     service-learning;
  •     community volunteering;
  •     internationalization of HEIs.

For more information and registrations, please go to the website The Committee also calls your attention to the following:

November 1st 2015: deadline for registration of other participants (non-presenters).

September 30th 2015: deadline for submission of abstracts.

October, 5th, 2015: date for dissemination of communications accepted for presentation.

Esemény dátuma: 
2015/11/12 to 2015/11/13