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Hírek - ABOGACÍA 2014 jogi konferencia

The National Organization of Collective Law , co-sponsored by the National Union of Jurists of Cuba and the Faculty of Law of the University of Havana , calls LAW 2014 International Congress to be held from 16 to September 19, 2014 at the Palace Havana Convention .

The event aims to consecrate as a space for analysis of the various areas of the law , and from the point of view of judicial conflict , host jobs taxing professional treatment and management of situations of dispute between natural or legal persons , focusing , especially in the legal representation and legal defense .

Lawyers , judges, prosecutors , academics and all legal practitioners and law students and specialists or researchers interested in related disciplines may participate.


Focus: ' Management and resolution of legal disputes '


I. Civil and family rights. Its effective legal exercise.

• Effective judicial protection in the context of civil litigation and family

• The reform of the civil and family process . Orality and new models of prosecution.

• Test equipment and test procedure . The impact of new technologies in the field of evidence.

• New dimensions of family conflict. Psychology , Sociology and Law.


II . Criminal proceedings in the new context of organized , environmental and economic crime.

• Performance in the investigative phase . Powers and limitations of the parties.

• The principle of opportunity and alternative solutions in criminal proceedings.

• The oral debate. Questioning and closing argument .

• The resources of the defendant as collateral .

• protection of rights of the defendant in the execution of the penalty.

• The public defense . Models in comparative law . The defense counsel. Realities and prospects .


III . Economic , commercial and financial litigation.

• Solving business disputes .

• Advice to the self-employed . Conflict resolution.

• International Commercial Litigation . Courts and alternative dispute forms.

• International contracts . Contractual liability.


IV. Lawyers, legal thought and ethics and professional projection.

• Ethics , ethics and professional projection.

• Tuition and professional organization of law : legal protection.

• Training and access to the profession . Continuing education.


V. Challenges of Labour Law.

• Advocacy and labor unrest.

• Labor relations : new players in the Cuban economic model.

• Legislative modernization . The role of trade unions.

• The safety and welfare. Challenges of the law to the aging population.

• Neoliberalism and institutional crisis of labor law.


 VI . Conflicts of Maritime Law and Insurance.

• The shipping contracts. News.

• Breakdowns and accidents at sea. Treatment . International conventions.

• Secure in the field of maritime law.

• Transnationalization gives economy : the challenges of Maritime Law and Insurance.


Presentation of work

Entries may be individual or collective authorship , with a maximum of 25 pages in Word text processor , 12-point Arial font , and spacing 1.5 ( justified text ) .

They must be submitted on magnetic media prior to June 30, 2014 , accompanied by a summary of one page with identifying title, author (s ) , professional development , institution and country .

The technical committee will select the works to be included in the scientific program and allocate the time and manner of presentation.



• Techniques of civil and criminal litigation.

• Recruitment and international commercial litigation .



Technical aids at the participants' disposal

·         Data show and video projector

·         Computer

·         Internet Services in the room


Registration for the event


Registration Quota
Delegates 230.00  CUC
Presenters  200.00  CUC
Companions  60.00  CUC
Graduate students 150.00  CUC


• Payment will be made directly at the International Conference Center or through our website by crediting the module is enabled.

• The founders of law students and members to be accredited must submit document justifying that status.

• The delegate registration includes: badge, event materials , participation in all activities of the Scientific Program and the Congress pre courses and certification as a participant or speaker.


General Information

For correspondence contact the Organizing Committee :

MSc. Lizette Vila Maria Noya : Secretary of the Organizing Committee and the Technical Committee of Congress . Tel : (537) 214 4278 - 214 4208 .

Fax: ( 537 ) 214 4278 . e- mail:


MSc. Moya Elizabeth Linares : Technical coordinator of Congress

Tel : (537) 214 4278 -214 4208 . e- mail: ;


Ms. Migdalia Luna Cisneros . Professional Congress Organizer .

Tel : ( 537 ) 208 6176 . fax: ( 537 ) 202 8382 . e- mail: .

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