“Russian Studies in Real Russia” Online Autumn Schools 2020

Russian Studies in Real Russia is an educational project of Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg, Russia). Online Autumn Schools-2020 of Russian Studies in Real Russia combines and presents intensive Russian language courses, lectures, cultural events, workshops and meetings with experts and special guests.
We offer advanced course and online trip to Russia!

Schedule and tuition

Five different programs.
Duration: 3 weeks
Dates: from 2 - 22 November 2020
30 academic hours of Russian language (2 academic hours per day, 5 days per week).
Lectures and Seminars on Russian Studies (1-2 academic hours, 3-5 times per week).
Tuition Fee: 22 500 Russian Rubles for the whole course of 3 weeks.


Groups of 6-9 students.
Groups are according to Russian language level (A0-C1).
Platforms: E-learning web-portal of Ural Federal University and ZOOM. All lectures are recorded.
1 academic hour = 45 minutes.
Time: Ekaterinburg (GMT+5).
Credits: 4 ECTS.
Certificate upon completion of the course.

Deadline for applications:
26 October 2020


1. Submit the application form on russtudies.urfu.ru
2. Take Russian language test and interview
3. Be accepted for the Online School!


For programs and dates click here.


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