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Traditional Hungarian cuisine means quite spicy, heavy, but really tasty dishes. Hungary's most famous dishes are 'goulash', and paprika dishes like stew (pörkölt), fish soup (halászlé) and paprika chicken. You should also keep your eyes open for 'Jókai bableves' (bean soup), 'gyümölcsleves' (cold sour cherry soup) and all kinds of 'palacsinta' (stuffed crepes). Do not forget to taste our world-famous Tokaji and Eger wines.

Breakfast (usually between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m.) is generally equivalent to the international “continental” breakfast (coffee, tea, toast, rolls, butter, jam, eggs, etc.).

Lunch (usually from noon to 2 p.m.) is the most substantial meal of the day, basically consisting of a standard three-course meal (soup, meat dish, dessert).

Dinner (around or after 7 p.m.). Most Hungarians who eat at home prefer cold meals, consisting of various cold cuts, cheeses, and seasonal vegetables (tomatoes, green peppers, radishes, etc). However, in restaurants, dinner is served as the main meal of the day.