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Debrecen Summer School

Debrecen Summer School is an independent institution of the University of Debrecen specialized in teaching Hungarian as a foreign language and Hungarian culture. Its mission is to provide its students with a thorough knowledge of both the Hungarian language and culture. Unique among Hungary's similar language institutions, this summer school draws upon a great and long-standing tradition. Established in 1927, it has grown to become the biggest of the Hungarian summer schools. Every year more than 1,000 students from 30-40 countries are taught by an experienced staff of about 50 teachers, recognised as experts in teaching Hungarian and foreign languages.

Besides the traditional "Summer Language and Culture Course" (120 and 60 class units) there are also other courses offered: a two-week intensive course in January (80 class units), a two-week super-intensive course in April (90 class units), a two-week intensive end-of-summer course (80 class units), and a 9-day super-intensive course in October (60 class units). Those who want to learn throughout the academic year can choose the full-semester courses.

Our language courses cover all levels of language teaching, from beginners to advanced. Intermediary languages are used when necessary in lower level courses. Our courses use the Summer School's own language teaching material, the Hungarolingua series. During the summer courses, in addition to the language classes, lectures are offered on Hungarian history and culture. Extracurricular activities include classical music and rock concerts, discos, folk dance parties, folk song learning and film screenings. Weekend excursions are offered to enable our students to visit the sights of Eastern Hungary. On-campus accommodation and three meals a day are provided for the course participants. The Hungarian-language thematic courses are recommended for those speaking Hungarian on advanced or near-native levels, while courses in English are offered for students who do not speak Hungarian but are seriously interested in some aspect of our culture.

In January 2002, the Debrecen Summer School celebrating its 75th anniversary decided that in response to the demand of its students it shall provide an opportunity also in Budapest to study Hungarian in its own institution, with its own methods and from its own teachers.

The language school in Budapest, operating more like a traditional language school, offers courses adjusted primarily to the needs of foreigners living, working and studying in and around Budapest. (Accordingly - as opposed to the parent institution in Debrecen - we do not offer accommodation to the students or organize meals for them.)

Over 200 students have participated in the courses of our Budapest branch in the first year and many other people have used further services of the office (e.g. the full range of Hungarolingua study materials, on the basis of which the tuition is held at the school is available at the office). We hope that the successful first year shall be followed by many further to the satisfaction of our students.

The office of the Summer School operates all round the year and is happy to serve you.


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