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Major Events

  • Bartók Béla choir festival: the one-week programme is organised every second year. Usually more than fifty choirs take part from all over the world. The event gained its world fame due to the high-quality presentation of contemporary (20th-century) choral pieces.
  • Debrecen Jazz Days: a week-end in the first half of September.
  • The Autumn and Spring Festivals offer a variety of cultural events in the city.
  • The “Mihály napi vásár” (traditional fair organised on St. Mihály’s day in the Fall and in the Spring) where, among others, one can buy works of traditional craftsmen in the region.
  • The famous Flower Festival is organised on 20. August every year. The whole city is crowded with people, huge floats with various figures decorated with thousands of flowers parade through the city.