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Seminar on University Cultural Heritage

First Seminar on University Cultural Heritage, March 18-20, 2015, University of Havana, Cuba

The University Cultural Heritage Department of the University of Havana, with the co-sponsorship of San Gerónimo de La Habana School, invites to participate in the First Seminar on University Cultural Heritage, to be held in Havana from March 18-20, 2015.
Universities have accumulated along their history a wide and varied cultural heritage, both of material and immaterial nature. Historical properties, movable property, museums, artistic and scientific collections, rites and traditions, make the universe of values that higher education institutions show. Universities have actively participated in intellectual, social and cultural transformations in their respective societies, building identities and processes of true significance. The University, as a spiritual asset, is in itself susceptible of protection in the scenario of the theory of contemporary heritage preservation.

At world level management experiences associated to university heritage are abundant. It has in no few cases high protection levels at national and regional scale. However, methodological approaches to the concept of “university heritage” are not enough developed. This includes lack of specialized management structures as well as difficulties for interchange and cooperation. In the case of Cuba, it is an unprecedented meeting that urges the establishment of a scientific platform, guaranteeing the preservation, dissemination and updating of a live, cardinal and changing heritage.

Topics and participation
The University of Havana, the oldest Cuban higher education center, invites national and foreign professionals to present papers or participate in this meeting. Those interested in presenting papers should send abstracts with no more than 3000 characters (that is, a 20 minutes presentation) before November 30th, 2014 to the following email: The abstract should include the complete title of the paper, the
name of the author(s), his/her institutional filiation and a brief resumé (up to 2000 characters). The discussion topics proposed are the following:

• Limits, nature and particularities of university cultural heritage.
• Different types of heritage at universities: architectural, artistic, scientific, technological, immaterial, etc. Challenges for their comprehensive management.
• Levels of protection and legitimation of university cultural heritage. From local heritage to World Heritage.
• Museums and collections at universities: history, evolution and perspectives.
• Strategies for assessing values and dissemination of university heritage: inventories, training, publications, web sites, social networks, technological resources, guided visits, etc.

The working languages will be Spanish and English. The authors whose papers are accepted will be notified in December 2014.
This is a first call. Other organizing precisions will be informed in September 2014.

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2015/03/18 to 2015/03/20