ERASMUS+ KA103 Call for Application - Student mobility for studies of the 2021/2022 Autumn Semester and Full Academic Year

About the ERASMUS+ Programme

Erasmus+ is the EU’s new programme which involves education, training, youth and sport activities.

Further information:

1.The objective of the Call for Application

Within the framework of the 2020-1-HU01-KA103-077851 Erasmus+ project, the University of Debrecen announces a call for application for study mobilities, in the partner institutions of the program countries, for the autumn semester and the full academic year 2021/2022.

The objective of the application is to allow students to obtain educational, language and cultural experiences and skills in ECHE charter holder, higher education institutions of countries participating in the programme. Student mobility for studies must facilitate the students’ academic progress and the development of their personnel skills.

 2. Eligible participants

Registered students at the University of Debrecen (Bachelor, Master, PhD, higher-level vocational training, full time students, correspondence students) with valid student status. Doctorands and Stiendium Hungaricum scholarship holders are not eligible to apply.

 3. Eligible activities

Student mobility for studies in higher education institutions (study period: 3-12 months)

Combined mobilities (for studies and a complementary traineeship period) (3-12 months)

 4. Countries participating in the ERASMUS+ Programme

Member states of the European Union (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, United Kingdom, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Netherland, Croatia, Ireland, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Hungary, Malta, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Slovakia, Sweden)

Non-EU member states:  Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Turkey, Norway.

 5. Application Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions

Both the sending and the host institution must be an ECHE holder.

Hungarian citizenship or staying in Hungary with a residence permit. Students registered in the University of Debrecen and enrolled in studies leading to a recognized degree or other recognised tertiary level qualification in a full- , or part-time.

The host higher education institutions must have an inter-institutional agreement for student mobilities with the University of Debrecen and should be chosen from the list of the partner institutions available in the online application system

The mobility can be carried out in the second year of studies at the University of Debrecen.

The applicant must meet the requirements set by the sending institution.

The applicant must speak the language of instruction at the host university and must be able to present a certificate proving his/her language skills (except for native speakers). Language requirements are indicated in the Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreements.

The study period can be combined with complementary traineeship. The combination of the two periods means that the traineeship should be done under the supervision of the same host higher education institution where the student carries out his/her studies. The two activities must take place sequentially. Grant amounts for the "combined period" are the same as that of the study period.

Students may receive grants for mobility totalling up to 12 months per each cycle of study, independently from the number and type of mobility activities (zero grant is included in the mobility period)

One tier programmes cover two training cycles, thus students enrolled in such (one–tier) training programmes may receive grants for mobility periods totalling up to 2*12 =24 months.

The minimum duration of the mobility period for studies is 3 months but at least a whole study period (semester, trimester) including the exam period.

Activities /studies carried out during the mobility must be integrated in the applicant's training program / studies at the University of Debrecen

The receiving institution must issue a transcript of records upon completing the studies at the end of the study period.

It is the responsibility of the sending institution to fully recognise the accepted, fulfilled and documented activities in accordance with the terms and conditions laid down in the Learning Agreement.

During the mobility period abroad students are registered students of the University of Debrecen with full rights. Stipends, social contributions and loans that students are eligible for at the University of Debrecen will continue to be transferred to them during their period of study abroad. If they are fee-paying students at the University of Debrecen, they will have to fulfil this requirement for the period spent abroad as well. ERASMUS students do not have to pay tuition fee to the host university, and they have the same rights as the registered students of the host university.

Participants must have active students status in the sending institution until the end of the mobility period.

6. Documents to be submitted with the ERASMUS+ application

All documents must be submitted electronically (scanned originals in pdf format) through the online application system!

Online application form

Transcript of Records of all previously completed semesters. The ToR must be validated by the Educational Office of the Faculty (pdf)

A certificate of language knowledge (language exam certificate in the language of the studies, or a certificate issued by the Language Centre of the university) (pdf)

CV in English or Hungarian in Europass format (pdf)

A motivation letter, written in English, that includes the personal goals, the name of the University, the period which the student is applying for, and a short summary of the work/studies to be carried out at the partner university (submitted through the corresponding field of the online application form)

Further requirements can be set up by the faculty /departmental coordinators

Optional documents to support the application:

- Proof of scientific work or active membership in student organisations

- Additional language certificates

7. Requirements for outgoing ERASMUS+ students

The application must be approved by the Erasmus committee or coordinator of the respective faculty. A certificate on active student status issued for the relevant semester must be submitted.

The application must be accepted by the host higher education institution.

A learning agreement* signed by all three parties (home institution, host institution, applicant) must be made. The LA must include the list of courses to be taken at the host university and the corresponding ECTS credits, as well as the list of courses and credits to be recognised by the sending institution upon successful completion.

Permission of the Faculty Study Subcommittee (if the respected Faculty requires it)

Valid EU health insurance card or proof of insurance policy valid in the host university’s country

A valid student visa to the target country, if necessary

Completing the Online Linguistic Support test of the European Commission if the student completes his/her studies in one of the languages designated by the EU Commission.

8. Scholarship rates:

The scholarship consists of the following:

Programme Countries with higher living costs - 520 € / month

Denmark (DK), Finland (FI), Ireland (IE), Iceland (IS), Lichtenstein (LI), Luxemburg (LU), Norway (NO), Sweden (SE), United Kingdom (UK)

Programme Countries with medium living costs  - 520 € / month

Austria (AT), Belgium (BE), Cyprus (CY), Germany (DE), Greece (EL), Spain (ES), France (FR), Italy (IT), The Netherlands (NL), Malta (MT), Portugal (PT)

Programme Countries with higher living costs - 470 € / month

Bulgaria (BG), Czech Republic (CZ), Estonia (EE), Croatia (HR), Hungary (HU), Lithuania (LT), Latvia (LV), Poland (PL), Romania (RO), Slovenia (SI), Serbia (SR) Slovakia (SK), Macedonia (MK), Turkey (TR))

Special needs support: for persons with disabilities the subsidy will be calculated on the actual expenses

Online Linguistic Support: the European Commission supports language preparation in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Danish, Greek, Polish and Swedish with its online language preparation system

Social subsidy: 200€/month - based on separate application

9. Deadlines

Deadline for submitting the application: 30 March  2021

Deadline for judging the applications: 05 April 2021

Applications must be submitted only electronically.

Online application form

*The Learning Agreement can be prepared using the online application sysem or the Erasmus+ Programme's Online Learning Agreement platform can be used too

Esemény dátuma: 
2021/02/16 to 2022/09/30